Las Vegas Family and Maternity Photographer


We will meet in the hour before sunset so that we can capture the essence of your family, at this stage of life, in the most perfect lighting. Get your family tangled up on a blanket and belly laughing. Let's capture the stoic face of your shy baby and the newly found maturity of your teenager. These moments are fleeting, let's turn them into memories.


Pregnancy can be tough but it is so beautiful and I'm sure you are absolutely radiant. Let's savor the magic of growing an entire human being.


Simple, minimal studio work can be so beautiful. A clean backdrop really puts the focus on the subjects of the images and immortalizes those little details to remember for years to come.


Life sometimes gets in the way of us showing how much we love our partners in the monotony of the day to day. We can stoke that fire that once burning blazingly hot for your partner whether you're engaged or not. Show them they are still your number one, no matter how long you have been together.

Hiiiiii. I'm Kaycee.

I'm a Las Vegas native, 'Wife' to one cute middle school teacher, 'Mama' to 3 sweet little gremlins, and 'Photographer' to countless others. I picked up photography because after having my second baby, I became ACUTELY aware of how fast time really passes. You can savor the moments as much as humanly possible, but it's all too easy to forget the little stork bite on the back of your newborn's neck, the rubber band wrists of your 8 month old or the fresh unwrinkled faces of the newly engaged couple.

Photos are the best solution-- until someone makes time turners a real thing.

So mama-- let's get you in front of the camera for once. I promise I will take better pictures of you than your partner does. I don't want stiff photos of you staring at the camera, and likely, neither do you! That's why you're here. We'll grab a few of those looking-at-the-camera shots for grandma, then I'm going to take pictures of you snuggling your littles, your husband whispering sweet(or spicy!) nothings into your ear, and the super villain laugh of your toddler when a mini marshmallow comes flying toward him. I want to take photos so full of love it's tangible. When they're grown, your children are going to yearn for pictures of you guys together that aren't selfies. Let's make that happen, no matter your insecurities!

GET. IN. THE. WATER! errr.... picture.

photo by @citrusandwater

"Photography is a way of feeling. of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything."

—Aaron Siskind